12 Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays

12 Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays
Feature | Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays

Traveling for the holidays can be hectic but you need not sacrifice your skincare routine.

Simple Skincare Tips for a Holiday Travel


1. Bring Your Hand Cream

Bring Your Hand Cream | Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays

Your travel exposes your skin to the cold and dry air, especially your hands. Always bring a hand cream. Apply a generous amount on each hand from time to time, after washing, or whenever you feel like it’s getting dry. Cover them with gloves to prolong the hydrating effect.

2. Get Some Rest

Sleeping is the time when your body rebalances its hydration, allowing your skin to restore its moisture. Try to cleanse, tone, and moisturize even if you have a long travel.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face with Your Hands

Keep off your hands off your face when you travel to minimize breakouts. Your hands are exposed to unknown bacteria that may lead to various skin problems, such as acne or allergies, later. Disinfect by washing your hand or using a sanitizer if you need to put on makeup.

4. Take Care of Your Puffy Eyes

Take Care of Your Puffy Eyes | Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays

Puffy eyes tend to be more visible when traveling. What you can do is wrap crushed ice with a washcloth and put it under your eyes. You can also use a cooling eye mask. This is also a convenient way of getting to sleep fast.

5. Apply Lip Tint Generously

Your lips are prone to skin cracking because of the cold and dry air. Use a medicated or moisturizing lip balm. Apply it generously on your lips especially when it feels dry.

6. Do Not Use Long-Lasting Lipstick

It may be a great idea to use a super-staying matte lipstick when you travel, but it’s the total opposite. It makes your lips dry and can cause skin cracking, especially when exposed to dry air. You can instead apply several layers of lip stain and let it dry. Top it with clear lip gloss to retain moisture longer. Reapply as needed.

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7. Blot out Oil from Your Skin

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Bring your blotting papers with you and gently dab your T-zone and other areas where oil is more visible. Do this as often as necessary to remove the excess oil.

8. Spray Hydrating Mist and Dab Some Moisturizer

To make you always look moisturized and fresh during your travel is to spray hydrating mist on your skin. Water naturally absorbs into your skin, replenishing the lost moisture from the travel. You can also apply moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration of your skin.

9. Moisturize the Night Before Your Trip

Applying heavy moisturizer the night before you travel serves as your prep base for the long haul. It can also boost your skin’s texture the next day you wake up.

10. Apply Sunscreen Before Going out

Apply Sunscreen Before Going out | Travel Skincare Tips For The Holidays

It’s always best to protect your skin from the sun before going out. Although the sun is pleasant during winter, its UV rays can still cause damage to your skin. Pick a sunscreen with a powerful SPF, like 50, to make sure you are strongly protected. It’s even better if you use a moisturizer with a sunscreen formula to add more protection to your skin.

11. Bring Your Own Wipes and Face Tissues

Instead of using tissues from hotels or restaurants, use your own face wipes. Your skin would be comfortable with the product, so irritation will be avoided. This is most advised to people with sensitive skin.

12. Drink Water

Water does a lot to your body, especially your skin. It keeps you hydrated from the inside, maintaining your skin’s suppleness. It also flushes out toxins, keeping your skin clean and free from bacteria-causing acne.

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Stay glowing, fresh, and hydrated with these holiday travel skincare tips. Don’t forget to pack your most essential organic beauty products so you can make sure you don’t break your skincare routine. Happy trip!

What natural skincare tips do you religiously follow when traveling? Let us know in the comments section!

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