How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles

How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles
Feature | How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles

Add these facial massage techniques to your skincare regimen to firm up your skin and prevent wrinkles.

Win The War Against Wrinkles With This 9-Step Facial Massage

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

Prepare Your Skin | How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles

You always want to start with a clean canvas. Make sure your hands and face are clean before starting your face massage. Before you begin, put your hair out of the way by using a headband or tying it in a neat ponytail. Use warm water and soap to wash your hands. Don’t skip the soap! This may seem like a negligible step, but you don’t want to introduce any new germs on your face. Finally, wash your face with a facial cleanser and gently pat it dry with a soft towel.

Step 2: Choose The Right Product

A facial massage can be done dry or with your favorite moisturizer, facial oil, serum, or eye cream. The massage motions warm up the product and make it more potent. It also allows your face to absorb the products better. To enhance the effect of the facial massage, you may want to try products that specifically target signs of premature aging and wrinkles.

Step 3: Consider Using Facial Massage Tools

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Your hands can definitely do the job, but you can consider trying one of the many facial massage rollers available in the market. Depending on your skin type, you may want to try a manual roller, an electronic roller, or even the rollers that double up as a cleansing tool. A massage roller makes facial massages feel extra luxurious.

Step 4: Eye Massage

The area around the eyes is delicate because it has the thinnest layer of skin on the face. That’s why the first signs of wrinkles are commonly seen in the eye area. It’s best to use the ring fingers when massaging the skin around your eyes to avoid applying unnecessary pressure.


  • Place your ring fingers on your tear ducts.
  • In a gentle rotating motion, work your way out to the corner of your eyes. Do this for both the lower and upper eyelids.
  • Place each ring finger at the point where the brow bone and nasal bone meet.
  • In a gentle upward motion, pat along the brown bone until each finger reaches the outer end of the brow bone.

Tip: In general, avoid rubbing your eyes throughout the day. When you try out the eye massage, do not apply any extra pressure with your ring fingers. You may want to use your favorite eye cream with this massage.

Step 5: Forehead Massage

The infamous worry lines or frown lines are wrinkles found in the forehead. This is caused by repeating facial expressions that involve furrowed eyebrows. A forehead massage may help delay the appearance of these lines.


  • Place both sets of your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on the middle of your forehead (just above the inner brow bone).
  • Secure this hand position by placing your thumbs above each temple.
  • Apply pressure in a circular motion and move the fingers towards the scalp.
  • Return the three fingers back to the first position just above the brow bone and move each hand outwards (about 1/4 inch).
  • Repeat the last two steps until you covered the entire forehead.

Tip: This massage does not only prevent wrinkles, but it’s also very relaxing. Try this massage during your skincare routine at night before you go to bed!

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Step 6: Cheek Massage

Wrinkles that form on cheeks are usually due to repeated facial expressions such as smiling, but this normally appears later rather than earlier. Premature cheek wrinkles are usually caused by overexposure to the sun or smoking. Try enhancing the elasticity of your cheeks with this massage.


  • Place the index finger and middle finger on the bottom part of the cheekbone near the mouth and nose.
  • Apply pressure and push the fingers up.
  • Work your way to the end of the cheekbone (the area near the ears).
  • Repeat the massage for one minute.

Tip: You should notice the fleshy part of your cheeks moving up as you go through this massage.

Step 7: Jawline Massage

The skin around your jawline can start to thin and sag as you get older. Keep droopy skin away with this jawline massage!


  • Place your thumbs under your chin and your index fingers right above it.
  • Apply pressure and pinch your entire jawline until you reach the end (the area directly under the ears).
  • Repeat the motion as your fingers move back to the chin.

Tip: For this massage, make sure your jaw is relaxed and not clenched.

Step 8: Neck Massage

The skin on the neck goes through the same ware and tear as the skin on the face. So don’t forget to include your neck in your facial massage.


  • Place your index finger, middle finger, and ring fingers on your collarbone.
  • Apply gentle pressure and slide your fingers upwards until you reach your jawline.
  • Repeat the last two steps until you’ve covered the entire neck.

Tip: You can also use your favorite face cream on your neck! Always move in an upwards motion to prevent sagging skin.

Step 9: Tapotement

Tapotement | How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles

End your facial massage with the relaxing tapotement massage technique. This massage further increases the circulation in your face.


  • Place your middle and ring fingers on your jawline.
  • Gently tap as you move your fingers towards the scalp.
  • Repeat the upwards motion until you’ve covered the entire face.

Tip: There’s no need to apply too much pressure for this massage. The gentle tapping is a relaxing way to end your facial massage.


Check out this video by The Uma Show to see another way to massage your face and help you look younger:

A facial massage prevents wrinkles by increasing the blood flow in your skin and stimulating the production of collagen. It’s also a great way to relieve stress at the end of a long day. Incorporate these steps in your skincare routine and start reaping the benefits of facial massage!

What do you do to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles? Let us know in the comments section!

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