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NIU Body

NIU Body is a female-founded beauty company that delivers health & wellness focused millennial women the best in natural and affordable skincare. Alongside their community of passionate customers, they co-create the next generation of innovative products.

NIU Body (pronounced "new body") was founded in March of 2017 by Laura Burget and Connie Lo after they were frustrated with the natural beauty products available on the market. Options were limited to either pseudo-natural products which weren't effective or high-end brands which cost a fortune.

LARK Skin Co.

You're busy. You're overwhelmed. You want to live simpler. You want your time to be spent on the things you care about. You do not want to spend time worrying about beauty products and their endless ingredient lists filled with harmful chemicals.

My quest for all-natural, organic skincare and beauty products first began when I was pregnant. I found myself searching high and low for all-natural products I could trust - and that were actually effective! I felt overwhelmed and completely helpless, and even stormed out of a beauty store a time or two. I believe that beauty products should be good for your body, inside and out.

As my quest for all-natural (and safe) products intensified, I started to think more about the chemicals that fill our beauty cabinets. I was shocked to find that some of my most beloved beauty products that I thought were safe were not! I wanted to pick up a product and actually understand the ingredients. I wanted something that was real and from the earth – a product that had an expiration date.

- Lisa Doloan, Founder

Wren Natural

I founded Wren Natural to be a clear guide for others who want the best for their health, but don’t always know where to start or who to trust. I discovered (after hundreds of prototypes) that truly natural skincare could make a profound difference in my life and in the lives of my family. Through testing, formulations, research, and years of using everything myself, I discovered that total health, in fact, begins with skin.

Make no mistake: your mind and body are truly connected. And we discovered that when your skin is rejuvenated by nature's goodness everything starts to change. It's simple: your skin is the largest organ of your body... and if it's loved and respected your overall health is impacted. We started Wren Natural to spread this message, and we believe that our products help people make that connection.

- Danielle, Founder

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CocoRoo Natural Skincare

At CocoRoo we believe what we put ON our body is just as important as what we put IN our body. That is why we do not add any chemicals to our products. We are proud of our simple, effective ingredients. CocoRoo currently offers four products: 3 coconut oil lotions (Naturally Naked, Lost in Lavender and Mint Condition) AND Total ReJAVAnation coffee body scrub, the first coffee exfoliator in a tube!

CocoRoo is proudly woman owned (TSB certified) and made in USA with love, integrity and care. I created these products after being frustrated with: 1. All the added chemicals in my skin care products. 2. Current packaging options require me to "double-dip" my hands into unsanitary jars or paper bags.

We ALWAYS: make products with integrity and value; strive to be active in our community and support local businesses; support a culture of kindness; encourage innovation and ways to improve ourselves and our products; and value our relationships with our employees and partners.

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The Original MakeUp Eraser

MakeUp Eraser is dedicated to creating the most sustainable makeup removal product in the world. By using only the most accessible resource available: WATER. Driven by millennials that truly believe we can eliminate the 3rd most wasteful product in the world. WIPES. #nomorewipes

Traditional makeup removers are destroying your skin. Daily use of these removers can be a serious concern for your health in the long run. They use surfactants, solubilizers, and emulsifiers. These harmful ingredients may cause persistence and bioaccumulation; organ system toxicity, immune and respiratory toxicant/allergen and many more scary side effects.

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Morganna's Alchemy

Morganna’s Alchemy is a line of luxury skin care products created by Chemist Maya Hyppolite-Williams (M.A). Maya began developing skin care treatments with her family in mind.

By carefully choosing organic active ingredients from Europe, Africa and Asia, Maya was able to create each and every cream with her signature of Phyto-Dermo-Cosmeceuticals. This means that multiple highly potent ingredients are put in synergy, giving the best possible results in the least amount of time. Wrinkle reduction, acne control, and age spot prevention and removal are achieved with no side effects. Simplicity and results are the main drivers behind Morganna’s Alchemy.

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