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The Balm

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“I have combination skin which makes it difficult for me to find a moisturizer that takes care of my dry spots, but doesn’t make the rest of my face look really oily. This is the first one that I’ve found that is absolutely perfect for me!" Lizzie.

The ULTIMATE skincare product for the minimalist. The Balm is a multi-functional cleanser, moisturizer and conditioner in one.


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    Which skin type is it good for?
    ✔ Normal
    ✔ Dry
    ✔ Sensitive

    What is it?
    Use daily as a creamy cleanser and makeup remover. Use as needed as a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and soft. You can even use the Balm as a hair conditioner and body moisturizer!
    Our Balm is highly-concentrated with new + improved ingredients your skin will love.

    Solutions for:
    - Cleanse
    - Moisturize
    - Makeup Remover
    - Hair Conditioner

    Highlighted Ingredients:
    At LARK Skin Co., we believe in crafting quality skincare, body and hair products with ingredients that you understand, are from the earth and have an expiration date!

    Formulated Without:
    We’re dedicated to using the highest quality organic ingredients to give you peace of mind and conf idence while using our products.
    Our products are 100% natural and never made with parabens, sulphates, PEGS, phthalates, silicones or mineral oil. Our ingredients are cruelty-f ree and LARK products are never tested on animals.

    Suggested Usage:
    To use as cleanser/makeup remover:
    - Apply a pea sized amount of the Balm to palms of hands
    - Work balm through the hands and massage into skin in small circular motions for 30 seconds
    - Use a warm, damp cloth to remove Balm and reveal clean, soft skin!

    To use as a moisturizer:
    - Apply a pea sized amount of the Balm to the palms of hands
    - Work through hands and massage into skin as needed

    In a bind:
    - Apply the Balm to ends of hair as a luxurious conditioning treatment, or to skin as a deeply penetrating lotion

    Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Sacha Inchi Oil, Kokum Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, OrganicLavender Oil, Organic Frankincense, Organic Neroli